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Serving Queens/Long Island - NY, USA

The services offered by Lactation Time do not replace medical advice; please consult your healthcare provider if you suspect you or your child are not well.

Os serviços oferecidos por Lactation Time não substituem o aconselhamento médico; Consulte o seu médico se suspeitar que você ou seu filho não estão bem.

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Lactation Consultant Services

Home Visits

I offer lactation consultations in the comfort of your home.


In my private inclusive practice all families are welcome, regardless races, ethnicities, religions and sexual orientations. I assist mothers with different breastfeeding issues, chestfeeding, conursing, pumping, mixed feeding, inducted lactation an breastfeeding wining.

I offer prenatal, adoptive, postpartum and back to work consultant.

By appointments only, I am generally available within 24-48 hours of our first phone conversation.


Most consults take between 1.5 & 2 hours. After the home visit I make myself available  for a follow-up phone call  included as part of the overall consultation at no additional charge. 

Phone consultations are also available.  Call (516) 4420563 to see if a phone consult is right for your situation. 

What should you expect during my visit?

  1.  First I will listen to you:

    • We will talk about your health, birth and breastfeeding history.

    • Detailed discussion of your current breastfeeding issue(s).

  2. Than I will exam and observe you and your baby:​​

    • Visual & physical examination: breasts, nipples, baby's mouth. 

    • We may check pre & post feed weights on a professional digital scale in order to accurately assess milk transfer.

    • I will observe a nursing session for position, latch, mother/baby comfort and milk transfer. 

    • During the nursing session, you will learn different techniques and positions in order to  optimize and enhance your breastfeeding experience

  3. I also offer breast pump consult, to ensure your pump physically fits you properly and that you have the right piece of equipment to meet your specific needs. 

Service fee

$200 for one comprehensive in-home Lactation Consultation.

$100 for private Pre-Natal Breastfeeding Preparation Class in your own home. 

I want you to be successful at breastfeeding!